Film Review – Curse of Chucky


I saw the first Child’s Play movie last year for the first time. I enjoyed it fine, but wasn’t blown away or desperate to make it through all the sequels. This year, in keeping with our tradition of watching 31 horror films in the month of October, my husband and I decided to trek through all the sequels. I went from feeling very underwhelmed with America’s favorite killer doll to absolutely adoring the franchise. In the same way The Nightmare on Elm Street series went from terrifying to just plain silly, the Child’s Play  franchise went from “scary” to black comedy as soon as they went with naming the sequels after Chucky rather than the franchise title.

Having said all that, Curse of Chucky was a creepy surprise. Just a day after watching the bizarrely entertaining Seed of Chucky, we sat down to watch the newest addition to the Chucky series. Set completely in a creepy Victorian house, Chucky’s newest targets are Nica (played perfectly by Fiona Dourif, daughter to the voice of Chucky himself, Brad Dourif) and her family. Unlike the previous films, Curse of Chucky is played much more as a straight horror film. The viewing audience is treated to tense moments and a surprisingly amount of clever twists and turns.

Perhaps most surprisingly, this film is beautifully shot. I was shocked with how well-crafted this straight-to-video film proved to be. The acting was top notch and the writing was really solid.

Some of my friends have claimed this newest outing is their favorite of if not only the sequels, but of the entire franchise. I almost feel like that isn’t fair to the silly sequels and the weirdness that encompasses Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. While I found this latest film to be a wonderful surprise and a loving nod to the true American slasher movies that dominated the horror scene for so long, I feel like it is a different kind of Chucky movie. I still have a soft spot for the silly Chucky movies.

A note to those who haven’t seen this yet: make sure to get the unrated version and stick around after the credits!


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