30 Days of Thankful – Day 1

I will still keep up with movie, book and other sorts of reviews and navel gazing, but my good friend Alexis over at Happy Helmraths is Instagraming her 30 Days of Thankful stuff that is sponsored by Cathy Zielske. While I am fervently opposed to Instagram for all the wrong reasons, I will be posting what I am thankful of here. So, here we go.




This guy.

Super cheesy, but my husband is the best. This is a picture of him from our honeymoon in Bermuda. 

Zach and I have been together since we were teenagers, and he is the only person I know who can quote The Simpsons and talk bad movies as passionately as me. He is also growing a beard this month, so the next picture you see of him will probably look like this:



Totally a picture from The Onion, but who knows what lumberjacks can teach us about ovarian cancer.


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