Game Review – “Gone Home”



I am very much a casual gamer. I’ve always enjoyed playing video games, but I get bored easily and I am just not very good at the majority of them. My husband is an avid gamer, and he got me interested in discovering games that were more my style on Steam. If you aren’t familiar with Steam, it is a great place to buy and discover video games for many platforms (PC, Mac, etc). The neatest thing is that you can not only purchase popular games, but you get access to tons of indie games as well. 

Gone Home is a neat little game developed by the Fullbright Company. The game dynamic is pretty simple: you come home from studying abroad only to find your family’s new house completed empty. The object of the game is to explore the house and ultimately figure out what happened to your family. There are no fights or puzzles, just walking around, opening closets and drawers and trying to make sense of a situation. 

The game succeeds in creating a world very easy to get lost in. The game has a distinct ending, but getting there is a very personal experience. As you explore the house, the player’s own experiences and memories start trying to piece together a logical solution. I’ve heard and read multiple accounts of how different players believed the game was going to end, and while spoilers are rampant, I would suggest reading some of these accounts following your play-through. 

My only concern is the length of the game. I found it very short. However, despite that, the game was immensely satisfying and a really unique experience.


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